Shipping in March/April of 2022, here's a ghost you shouldn't be so terrified of. Little Ghost is a  meticulously crafted (2 years in the making) hot sauce made from all-natural produce that carries a "little" sting of a ghost pepper whilst not destroying your mouth or meal. This beautiful sauce brings the flavor profiles of ghost pepper, peach and apple, designed with the cognizance of not letting the sweetness overpower the heat or flavor of such a pefect pepper. In the backgound, you will experience hints of lime, vidalia onion, garlic, carrot and more. This will begin shipping and hitting retailers March/April and it's going to go fast. Order now to lock in your bottle of Little Ghost!


This sauce comlements everything from pork to tacos to eggs to burgers to you name it. This one is a jack of all trades, master of all sauce. 


This sauce was crafted with health and well-being in mind. 



5 fluid ounces

Little Ghost Hot Sauce *PRE-ORDER*