Introducting Mitten Made Pickling Co.'s "Sweet Heat" Hand Crafted Wood Wall Mount Bottle Openers made in collaboration with HBC Craftsman.


These beauties will add a ton of class to any bar, kitchen, backyard, mancave, or wherever it is you enjoy cracking a cold one.


The Wood: Select from four different solid woods (hickory, cedar, maple, and walnut). 


The Opener: The reliced, vintage-style opener gives each piece a truly timeless feel.


The Carve: The carve is filled with pigmented epoxy and coated with a spar urethane finish to protect the wood against sunlight, water and temperature changes.


The Size: Choose between a 3.5" or 4" width (3.5" recommended if you are going to mount to a typical wooden fence post).


The Shipping: Shipping for these hand crafted bottle openers takes place 2-3 weeks after your order is placed.


Note: Dealing with a product of nature, such as wood, no two grain patterns are ever exactly alike. What you receive may not exactly reflect the  photos used to demonstrate the product. 

Hand Crafted Wood Wall Mount Bottle Opener

  • Choose between 3.5"x3/4"x11" and 4"x3/4"x11"